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Corporate Team Building Activities

Great teamwork is essential for an organisation to achieve the best possible results. Team building activities can help develop effective teamwork, and improve employee motivation, confidence and communication - plus above all can be great fun!

Marksman Leisure offers a selection of in house team building games which are a brilliant way of saying thank you to colleagues, cementing training ideas and simply having fun together. We can tailor made a programme to suit any budget or time scale and can host the activities on our own activity sites or are flexible to travel.

Our corporate team building activities can include;

Laser Clay Pigeon Shooting

Real Clay Pigeon Shooting

Outdoor Laser-Tag

Indoor Laser-Tag

Rifle Shooting

Numerous games are available for team building activies including;

Roll a Ball The teams are given a selection of gutters, string, tape and garden canes. In a 3 metre square they must make a long run along which the ball must get from start to finish without assistance. All players must be out of the area when the ball is run. The ball must take more than 10 seconds but less than 20 seconds to complete the course.

Semaphore In a life full of mobile phones and e-mail we tend to take communication for granted. This game takes the team back 100 years. Each team is given a number of props with which they have to devise their own Morse code. Half of the team is then to go to the other end of the Activity area. The other half is then given a message that they have to “send” to their colleagues. The first team to correctly decipher the message is the winner.

Block Builder The object of the game is to replicate a structure that has been built by our architect. Your builder/s will be given an assortment of building bricks and via verbal communication Team members (runners) will advise what the structure looks like. The builder runners will not be able to see the architect's structure and likewise the architect's runners will not be able to see the builder/s structure.

“BoB” (The Device) 'BOB' is a great outdoor team-building exercise, especially for office staff or students. 'BOB' is a small flight case, which can be hidden and then found by the players deciphering clues.

On opening 'BOB', the team find that they have to defuse the device within a given time. First the team have to work out a five digit combination, then remove four ‘fuel rods’ in the correct order, and finally ‘cut’ the correct two out of eight jumper wires.

Clues on how the team players should do this are supplied and they receive visual (via a large-character back-lit LCD display) and audio prompts and warnings throughout the exercise. Failure to disarm BOB results in a countdown period followed by an ‘explosion’. All the parameters in the unit are easily changed using the display.

2 Devices are available - Suitable for ages 16+

For any further information please contact us.

BoB (The Device)